DeWitt Bank & Trust is now Stone Bank

DeWitt Bank & Trust is now Stone Bank!

We want to make this transition easy for you, please read our welcome letter from the CEO of the Bank, Marnie Oldner.

We are an independent community bank with our bedrock in Stone County, Arkansas with locations in Mountain View, Little Rock, White Hall, and Harrison. Making loans nationwide, we are one of the largest providers of government-guaranteed loans in the state of Arkansas. We have a strong desire to help your business start, sustain, or grow as you see fit. Our mission is to create a "boulder" experience for entrepreneurs, farmers, consumers, and small businesses alike.

We’re not the bank on every corner, we’re the bank in your corner.

Grow Your Farming Operation.

If you are in the business of agriculture production you may qualify for one of our Government Guaranteed Loan Programs. These loan funds can be used for:

✓ Acquisition of Real Property
✓ Refinance of Real Property
✓ Equipment Purchases
✓ Operating Loans

Combine in field
Modern Dental Chair

Is Your Small Business Expanding?

If you’re graduating from a professional medical program and looking to build a new practice or a current professional interested in expanding, a Stone Bank SBA Loan may be the perfect fit. As an SBA Preferred Lender Stone Bank can assist you with cutting through the red tape and getting your loan approved faster.