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Stone Bank Security Newsletter October 2022

The bad guys are still there and more persistent than ever. Below are some areas where we are continuing to see the hackers testing our security, our attention to detail, and our resolve.

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Case Study: Trader Bill’s in Little Rock

Since 1983, Trader Bill’s Outdoor Sports has served the hunting, fishing, and boating supplies needs of Hot Springs, Arkansas, making it both the oldest and largest sporting goods and marine store in the area.

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Stone Bank 2021 Year End Report

Those of us who’ve enjoyed extended careers in banking have seen a lot of change, but never at the pace and with the intensity we’ve experienced during the past couple of years. As you see on the facing page, there’s been a whole new vocabulary to learn, which we’ve had to learn in a hurry.

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Beware of Imposters and Monsters

It’s Cybersecurity Month, so this is a “back to basics” reminder of the principles of good cyber safety. Stone Bank is committed to protecting our resources from fraud and scam events and helping everyone #becybersmart by following these tips to protect your accounts and information.

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SBA REAL TALK | 1031 Exchange

Known as a “like-kind exchange,” a 1031 exchange refers to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code Section 1031. The provision allows you to swap like-kind business or investment properties while deferring capital gains taxes.

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USDA Real Talk: Rural Hospital Group Testimonial

Access to quick, quality healthcare is something many of us may take for granted. Urban and suburban communities can choose from various hospitals, clinics, independent practitioners, and even “Quick Care” facilities for their health needs.

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