Personal Checking Products

Topaz Free

Stone Bank is the “Home of the Free” Checking!

✓ $100 minimum to open account
✓ No minimum balance required
✓ Unlimited check writing
✓ Free e-statement

Topaz Free Checking requires a $100 minimum opening deposit. Other restrictions may apply. Call for details.

✓ FREE Checking for Veterans, Active Duty Military, Police Officers, Firefighters, and First Responders
✓ 1% APY* interest on your entire balance
✓ Free personalized bank card
✓ Free checks
✓ Free safe deposit box*

Tribute Checking requires a $100 minimum opening deposit and interest is paid on the entire balance. Other restrictions may apply. *APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Free first order of checks. Safe deposit boxes subject to availability. Direct Deposit bonus paid when first deposit is received.

Tribute Checking

For Veterans, Active Duty Military, Police, Firefighters and First Responders, Stone Bank is the Home of The Free, a FREE checking account, with a FREE ATM/Debit card personalized with your branch of service, FREE checks, FREE safe deposit box, and INTEREST on your entire account balance.

Rock of Ages

If you’re 62 years of age or better, you’ve earned a better deal on checking. It’s completely free, you earn 1% interest on your balances over $5,000 and we’ll throw in free checks and a lock box for a year.

✓ $100 minimum to open account
✓ No minimum balance required (62 and older)
✓ Unlimited check writing
✓ 1 box of free checks per year
✓ 1-year small safe deposit box free
✓ Interest on idle balances over $5000

✓ $100 minimum to open account
✓ No minimum balance required
✓ Unlimited check writing
✓ 1 free box of checks
✓ AD&D insurance policy
✓ Identity IQ Protect Pro
✓ $8 service charge per month ($4 for seniors) or no charge if you maintain a $5,000 average balance.

Diamond Advantage

The checking account that protects you.

Crystal Interest Checking

Interest earning checking. Let your money earn money.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265

✓ Earn interest on all your money regardless of balance
✓ $1,000 minimum to open account
✓ $1,000 minimum balance to avoid $10 monthly service fee

✓ $2,500 minimum to open account
✓ Limited to 6 withdrawals per month
✓ Minimum balance to avoid service fee $2,500
✓ $10 fee if balance falls below minimum during statement cycle
✓ $3.00 fee per transaction in excess of 6 per month
✓ Earn interest on all of your money regardless of balance
✓ Interest bearing tiered rate account

Boulder Money Market

Save money and have easy access to your funds.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265