Come Climb With Us

Bedrock Savings Account

Let your money grow with us.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265

✓ $50 minimum to open account
✓ Service fee of $3.00 will be imposed if the balance falls below $50 during quarterly statement cycle
✓ 6 FREE Withdrawals per calendar month
✓ $3.00 fee per transaction in excess of 6 per month
✓ Interest earned daily; credited quarterly

✓ $10 minimum to open account
✓ No monthly service fee
✓ $10 fee if closed within 6 months of opening
✓ $10 fee for withdrawals prior to November 1st
✓ Checks mailed out first week of November
✓ Ask about linking your Christmas Club account to the "Make Cents" feature on your checking account

Christmas Club

Even Santa needs a little help some times. A Christmas Club account is a simple way to make sure you have a holiday cash check coming your way in November.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265

Pebbles Savings For Kids

Teach your children well, by helping them learn the value of saving for the future.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265

✓ $5 minimum to open the account
✓ No minimum balance required