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Bedrock Savings Plus

Let your money grow with us.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265

✓ $50 minimum to open account
✓ Service fee of $3.00 will be imposed if the balance falls below $50 during quarterly statement cycle
✓ 6 FREE Withdrawals per calendar month
✓ Interest earned daily; credited quarterly

✓ Pre-tax or tax-advantaged medical savings account
✓ Funds roll over year to year if not spent
✓ Annual maximum contribution limits apply
✓ Used for qualified medical expenses
✓ One-time IRA transfer may be used to fund up to one-year maximum HSA contribution
✓ Cannot be rolled into an IRA or 401k

Health Savings Account

An HSA is a type of personal savings account that helps those with qualified high-deductible health plans save money on many out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Call for details: (833) 253-2265