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Finding Lending Options for Arkansas Farmers


After coaching high school football in Arkansas for ten years, Dustin Prescott and his wife Lindsey, a reading interventionist at Sheridan School District, were looking for a new challenge. The couple, along with their 9 and 11-year-old sons, decided to pursue poultry farming and began the process of purchasing a poultry farm in the Rison, Arkansas area.

Despite a high credit rating, the Prescotts struggled to find a lender that would approve them for a loan. Then they turned to Stone Bank’s White Hall branch. Stone Bank quickly found a financing solution for the Prescotts and got them approved for a loan. As a lender of commercial loans for agricultural businesses, Stone Bank speaks fluent farmer and is here to support new farms as well as established operations with a variety of lending options.


Working with Stone Bank’s Senior Agricultural Loan Officer Vince Stone, Dustin and Lindsey Prescott now own and manage six chicken houses in Rison, producing 4.5 million pounds of chicken per year.

“It was a good transition from coaching to poultry farming. We execute a plan every day, every season with chickens, from hatching to selling to preparing for the next batch. Farming is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. We live here every day. My wife is up with me at 4 AM helping before she goes to work. My sons help with new chickens and lots of extra chores. There is always something for them to do. I couldn’t do it without them. It’s a family deal.”