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Security Newsletter - May 2017
Security Newsletter - May 2017

Security Newsletter - May 2017untitled.png


1.Hackers have stolen the customer email database of DocuSign, the company that allows companies to electronically sign documents. These criminals are now sending phishing emails that look exactly like the real DocuSign ones, but they try to trick you into opening an attached Word file and click to enable editing. If you get emails that look like they come from DocuSign and have an attachment, be very careful. If there is any doubt, pick up the phone and verify before you electronically sign any DocuSign email.

2. If someone invites you to edit a file in Google Docs today, don’t open it — it may be spam from a phishing scheme that’s been spreading quickly across the Internet.  The attacker sends an emailed invitation from someone they may know, takes them to a real Google sign-in screen, then asks them to “continue to Google Docs.” But this grants permissions to a (malicious) third-party web app that’s simply been named “Google Docs,” which gives phishers access to your email and address book.   So if someone wants to share a Google Document with you, pick up the phone and verify they are really sending you something.  Further, enable two factor authentication on your Google Account to help stop hackers from accessing your Google account.  It might be a bit slower, but it is worth the time.