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With lower down payments, longer terms, and easier qualifications, SBA loans can help pave the way to the business of your dreams. Whether you are expanding your current business or venturing into a new one, a U.S. Small Business Administration loan can help your business grow.

Let our team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful lenders help you decide if an SBA loan is right for you.

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SBA Loans Programs

Every small business is unique, and those needs change from business to business. SBA has created a variety of loan programs to better meet the diverse needs of small business owners. Our Boulder Bankers are here to sit down with you and navigate through each loan program to find the right one for you.


$150,000 - $5 Million

Uses: Working capital, equipment, real estate, renovating, seasonal, debt refinancing.


$150,000 - $350,000

Uses: Working capital, equipment and inventory.


Up to $15 Million

Uses: Real Estate Purchase and Construction Loans.

Be Prepared

As with many loans, SBA is no exception, there is a fair amount of paperwork involved which can take up to a few months to complete. Having all of the relevant documents prepared ahead of time can greatly shorten the process. Many of these documents you may already have. Below are a list of documents that are commonly required when applying for an SBA loan.

✓ Profit and Loss Statement Balance Sheet
✓ Financial Projections
✓ Ownership and Affiliations
✓ Business Certificates and Licenses
✓ Loan Application History

✓ Income Tax Returns (both personal and business)
✓ Resumes
✓ Business Overview and History
✓ Copy of Your Business Lease (if you lease property)
✓ Bank Statements
✓ Schedule of Business Debt

Meet a Few of Our Boulder Bankers

Vinny Muratore

Vinny Muratore

SBA Division

Vinny is one of America’s most experienced SBA lenders. He lectures nationwide and directly supervises the Stone Bank SBA team of professionals.

Nick Roach

Nick Roach

Stone Bank President
Chief Lending Officer

Nick Roach is President and Chief Lending Officer at Stone Bank. He is also a member of the Banks Board of Directors. He has extensive experience in all forms of Government Guaranteed loans.

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